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My extraordinary life has given me a wide range of experiences with all kinds of beings. I was able to learn a lot from and about the Creator, his order of creation and the interconnectedness of life in human communities.

My numerous and exceptional insights into creation allow me to understand the situation that humanity is in right now. My inner essence has constantly increased my wish to serve the Creator and humanity. Starting in the year 2000, I gave seminars covering topics like health, personal development, spirituality, meditation, mediumship, magic and so forth.

Back then, many participants could not yet understand the content in depth. The extraordinary encounters in the channeling seminars, as well as the healings that occurred, were often not yet fully appreciated.


So I realized that I would be able to contribute more to the collective development of humanity by not only influencing individual fates by healings and seminars, but rather by developing and creating system structures committed to freedom, by setting a living example of their effects, and by creating the legal certainty that is necessary for their collective application.

True freedom and positive change on Earth can emerge only when humans have the choice to escape harmful influences of the current system. If many apply their love and power to build a better world, humanity will very soon find its way to an age of peace and universal abundance.


In order to achieve a truly free world, I founded a community. Working together with other pioneers, I wished to realize the vision of a world and society committed to the common good – in the spirit of prophecies of a Golden Age.

We created the associations „Ganzheitliche Wege“ (Holistic Ways) and „NeuDeutschland“ (NewGermany). They were tools to develop the first structures of a new monetary and banking system as well as a new healthcare system. These became known as „Engelgeld“, „Kooperationskasse“ and the „NeuDeutsche Gesundheitskasse“.


On 16th September 2012, this development culminated in the foundation of the Kingdom of Germany - the first state in present time committed to freedom and the common good. With 650 people, we made history that day!

In this new state, we created the „Königliche Reichsbank“, the „Deutsche Heilfürsorge“, the „Deutsche Rente“ and many more structures promoting the common good.

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You are probably wondering: Who would we choose to establish a state? Wouln't it have been possible to continue the projects on the basis of the before mentioned associations?

If we truly want to get out of the system of „An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth“, developing to the positive side of the polarity, we have to establish a new system that is completely independent of the old one. This is the only way that we can all have a true choice – and the old sick system can be shut down peacefully and step and step, as the new healthy system grows.

A system that is sick in every way can never be a sustainable base for positive change. Any attempt only absorbs attention and power inside the old system, thus obstructing our freedom.


This insight led us to create a new and separate jurisdiction – the Kingdom of Germany. Here, all freedom-loving people can find an alternative to predatory capitalism. The situation in Germany and Europe under international law is an invitation and the foundation for the worldwide renewal of all basic systems for the good of all human beings. We are here to accomplish this.

After founding the Kingdom of Germany, which is in fact the Kingdom of the Creator and His order of creation for human beings, a period began in which the community and myself were put to the test in many ways. We had to be tested to see whether we were truly worthy and strong enough. Persecution by false accusations, police raids, evictions as well as smear campaigns and harassment by the media were our day-to-day business. This had been clear to me from the beginning, because a certain time of trials had to pass until the powers of today's system recognize who I am and what we aim for.


Today this period is over. We are grateful for any kind of future cooperation. Most lawsuits were brought to a good conclusion. God willing and human beings as well, we will soon transform the first municipality into a community serving the common good and thus set a shining example for the future. The remaining lawsuits can confirm our recognition as a state in accordance with international law and thus the superiority of Our order, which is the next step in the evolution towards a more just world.

Of course there are even faster ways to collective freedom. A cooperation to swiftly reinstate international law in Europe should be possible as well as the conclusion of a true peace treaty. If Hebrews 10.13 is observed in service to the Expected One, Luke 17.29 or similar tribulations can be avoided.


We need to emphasize:again: The Expected One has not come to relieve humanity of their self-responsibility! We simply offer the release from Satan's structures.

We can open the door for you all and hold it open. Every human has the choice to act or to wait and to continue to submit. Every individual is hereby called to stand up and act with Us for a golden future!


Yours, Peter

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